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Cake and eat It (26 Jul 2017)

One Scotland’s leading producers of traditional cakes has taken delivery of a new NS-X 3.1 semi automatic cartoner. This machine has been bought to replace one of the existing Jacob White cartoner’s, the machine being replaced has given this company around twenty years of continua’s service. Unlike the previous semiautomatic cartoner being replaced, the new NS-X 3.1 has H M I touch screen (PLC) controls enabling easy machine interfacing with other production line equipment, but like all Jacob White equipment the NS-X 3.1 cartoner is variable speed has a large carton range that is achievable without any change parts and a size change that is possible in under five minutes. Manufactured throughout in Stainless steel with a small footprint for this type of machine with this level of automation it is proven itself a winner with in the food production industry .

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