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Company History

Jacob white, founded in 1911, is justifiably proud of its reputation throughout the world as one of the most versatile manufacturers of cartoning equipment.

The company produces a varied range of standard and custom built machines which erect, fill and seal cartons to any degree of automation.

JWs main claim to fame, however, is product handling. Every machine is tailored to suit its own individual range of products, particular attention having been paid to the sensitivity with which even the most delicate products are transported through the packaging process.

Jacob White has invested in the most appropriate computer technology to aid and speed the design process. Its high level of success in this field has been achieved by a unique understanding of cartoning and product handling. The result can be demonstrated by highly innovative solutions to difficult packaging problems.

All Jacob White machines are created to deliver high productivity, versatility, simple size change and easy maintenance. They are, in fact, very user-friendly. The company has a strong market share in Hygiene, Food & Pharmaceutical companies, having installations in 62 countries, on more than 5000 sites.